Our Working Groups / Committees

Energy Policy & Regulatory

The overarching goal of the policy working group is to create a clear pathway forward for incorporating DER into both grid-connected and rural/remote microgrids.

The work will focus on illustrating the opportunity microgrids provide in enabling reliability, sustainability, economic outcomes for customers. It will challenge traditional utility models that have been designed for risk mitigation and illustrate alternatives that include the utilisation of localised power production and storage.

The working group will open the pathway for regulators to understand and agree on the objectives of the association. This work will provide new business opportunity for utilities to pursue value creation through microgrids, with the support and understanding of regulators.

Microgrid Business Models

The purpose of the business models working group is to define and communicate use-case specific blueprints that will build and broaden the global microgrid market opportunity.

These blueprints will help illustrate both the technical and commercial requirements needed to monetise and realise value in different market segments – and clearly articulate the value and scale potential to key investors and stakeholders.

Technology & Standards

The overarching goal of the technology and standards working group is to influence the development and adoption of industry wide standards and reference architecture for advanced microgrid design that will help advance the integration of advanced microgrids across the world, in both remote and grid-tied environments.

Business Development & Investment Attraction

This working group will actively seek to build industry and political support for the IMA, thus acting as an enabler for the three other working groups. It will work on membership building, support member events and networking opportunities, as well as engaging and influencing key stakeholders.