Join the IMA

The International Microgrid Association is committed to advocating for and enabling the growth and development of the microgrid sector across the world.

As a member-based industry association, the IMA will advocate for members in the following ways


Consistent messaging to stakeholders on cross-sector value of microgrids, their requirements and the broad investment opportunities

Stakeholder builder

Build, foster and nurture key stakeholder relationships and cross-sector knowledge sharing opportunities via networking events, meetings and functions

Policy shaper

Identify and champion policies and practices that ensure continued technology integration, optimal microgrid performance and sustainable power generation

Change agent

Creation and stewardship of fluid strategies for increasing the speed and scale of energy transition/change including;

  • Educate and engage government decision makers on the capabilities and benefits of microgrids to the electric system and consumers
  • Help shape and influence international microgrid policy and standards


Coordinate and provide a voice for broad, interdisciplinary views on the microgrid message; coordinate innovation activities; roadmap deployment of smart grid technologies

Funding influencer

Develop reports, white papers, R&D and other initiatives to help develop an ongoing flow of private and public sector R&D investment and funding


Identify technical, economic, customer and policy R&D projects and profile them in a way that encourages private and government investment and funding