The Global Potential of Microgrids

Globally, over 1 billion people still live without access to electricity. In many of these regions, grid development can be both technically and economically challenging.

For those with access to electricity, digitisation, decarbonisation and decentralisation represent the new era of electric systems worldwide.

Microgrids are fast emerging as the opportunity to solve electricity system challenges due to their ability to address energy access challenges, provide grid independence, embrace renewables and provide resilience, reliability and security to customers across the world.

Our Mandate

The IMA will illustrate the reliability, resilience, security and interoperability that electric systems can derive by supporting investment and acceleration of innovative, cost effective microgrid technologies and capabilities across the world.

The Association will add value in the power sector by championing industry reform, providing consistent messaging, building relationships and providing a broad view of the requirements needed to realise the true value of microgrids in the future.

Although the IMA’s focus is on the microgrid value chain, it will actively collaborate with and complement supporting industry organisations in the energy and technology sectors.